Roles Forum 2017


We are delighted to announce that the 7th annual Roles Forum will take place on Thursday 18th May 2017 at University of Birmingham!

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[Image Description: Poster for Roles 7th Annual Conference.

Text on the left side in red and black reads:
“ROLES: A Sexuality & Gender Forum 2017
7th Annual Conference

Call For Papers: We invite you to submit abstracts related to any and all aspects of the study of Sexuality and Gender

250 word abstract & 50 word bio

Submission to by Saturday 11th March 2017”

Image on right side depicts a monochrome photograph of Marsha P Johnson and Sylvia Rivera at the Stonewall Riot Police Line, with large red roses and small gold stars edited in around and above the picture of them.

Text at the bottom in white and black writing on a red box reads: “18th May 2017
Gisbert Kapp Building, University of Birmingham

This is a free event and we will strive to make this conference fully accessible. We will have facilities for wheelchair access and rest spaces. Please contact us if you have any questions or further access requirements. There will be live tweeting of the event.”

Text at bottom in white writing on a black box reads:
Tweet @groles”]