Research Profiles

Mae Rohani

Mae recently graduated in International Relations at the University of Birmingham, and is a former Women’s Officer at the Guild of Students and an activist. Her research interests include gender and social reproduction, migration and citizenship, and Feminist-Marxist theories. She was an editor for The New Birmingham Review in 2014-2015, and is now doing an MA in Migration, Superdiversity and Policy at the University of Birmingham in September 2016.


Oscar (/Em) Harvey

Oscar is a part-time PhD student at the University of Birmingham within POLSIS and has just undertaken teaching responsibilities within the department. They previously did their Undergraduate Degree in History and Politics at the University of Leicester where they were also the LGBT+ Liberation Officer within the Students Union. Their research interests include the relationships and links between Queer, Trans, and Disability/Crip Theory and privacy, privilege and power (particularly in relation to these theories).


Chris Forster

Chris is an MRes student at the University of Birmingham specialising in the construction of gender norms. Other interests include disability theory and the intersection of oppressions. Chris still lives in Birmingham and is also working on a side project researching the performance of gender in online spaces.


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