Roles 2017 Keynote Announced: Dr. Katharine Jenkins

Exciting news!

We can now confirm that the keynote speaker for Roles 7th Annual Conference will be Dr. Katharine Jenkins, who will be presenting ‘Gender Identity: A Guide for the Perplexed’.

Abstract: There is widespread confusion among cis people about the notion of gender identity. This matters for two reasons. Firstly, because cis people are called upon to use this concept, including about themselves. Secondly, because this concept can play a useful political role in the movement for trans rights, for example in anti-discrimination legislation, which requires that it be generally understood. Gender identity is often defined as ‘having a sense of oneself as a man, woman or some other gender’. However, it is increasingly common for terms like ‘woman’ to be used to refer to gender identity. This leads to circularity in the definition of gender identity: someone has a gender identity of ‘woman’ if she has a sense of herself as someone who has a gender identity of ‘woman’. This talk proposes a definition of the concept of gender identity that avoids this circularity whilst being suitable for use in emancipatory political practice.

Biography: Dr. Katharine Jenkins
I joined the Philosophy Department at the University of Nottingham as an Assistant Professor in September 2016. Before that, I was a Junior Research Fellow at Jesus College, Cambridge. I hold a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Sheffield, and a BA and MPhil in Philosophy from the University of Cambridge. I grew up in the Lake District and I think I’ll always miss the fells.

When I’m not doing philosophy (and sometimes when I am) I enjoy hiking, yoga, knitting, sewing, and playing tabletop games.


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