Step-free access for Roles 2016

Below is a map showing a step-free route from the University campus train station to the European Research Institute building (G3), which takes roughly 10 minutes.

station to ERI

The route will be signposted on the day. Below are some directions and further info:

Directions: On exiting the train station, turn left and take the first left down University Road West until you reach the Ring Road. Turn left, going past the Munrow Sports Centre. This road has a relatively steep incline (if you think this will be a problem and that you may require assistance on the day please contact us). When you reach Pritchatts Road, it is possible to cross directly over to the ERI (G3), however this can be a busy road and it is safer and flatter to cross at the traffic lights opposite North Gate. The entrance to the ERI is on the Pritchatts Road side and has a power-assisted door.


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