Shut Up and Write Coffee Afternoon: Thursday 21st Feb, 1pm, Cafe Aroma

Roles will be running a Shut Up and Write session on Thursday 21st February, from 1-3pm, in Cafe Aroma, Staff House. 


Shut Up and Write is a collective, social-research phenomenon which has swept throughout the academic world. The idea is that you meet up with… wait for it…. other people (!) and write: with other people around you, distractions can be less tempting, and writing takes over. Then there’s the added bonus that afterwards you get to talk to people who are in the same situation as you, and even eat cake. What are you waiting for?!

Here’s a blog post about Shut Up and Write, for more persuasion, from Thesis Whisperer


We’ll be meeting in Cafe Aroma, Staff House from 1pm on Thursday. Bring your notes, an electronic writing device, or, to be old-school pen&paper or quill&parchment (if you roll that way), headphones/music, caffeinated beverages, slippers…, whatever you want, and just come along ready to write. 

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