Spivak, postcolonialism, and the Other: Thursday 25th October, 5pm. Strathcona seminar room 12.

‘Can the subaltern speak? Can the Other be empowered?’

In this first Roles seminar of 2012-13 we’ll be using Postcolonial Feminism, via Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak’s seminal essay ‘Can the subaltern speak?’, as a springboard for discussion on Othering.  Whilst the consequences of Othering are widely denoted as disadvantage, silencing, lack of agency and deprivation of collectivity, to name but a few, this seminar will ask questions about the possibility of strength, liberation and empowerment in excluded groups and the space which they occupy outside of dominant norms.

Please see here [Gray, Breda ‘Spivak’ in Code, Lorraine (ed.)(2000) Encyclopedia of Feminist Theories pp.460-461 (1)] a brief summary of Spivak’s work, including this essay, from the Encyclopedia of Feminist Theories and a selection of quotes [Roles25-10-12] which we will use to get the discussion going. For any questions, please email Francesca on fxf713@bham.ac.uk. See you on the 25th!


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