2012 Welcome Session – Thursday Oct 4th 5pm

A new academic year is upon us and this year we want The Gender and Sexuality Forum, Roles to be about YOU.

Roles exists to foster networking, debate, interdisciplinary collaboration, friendships, research, and to promote the investigation of the issues which continue to take precedence in our daily lives and our research: gender and sexuality. Getting involved with others from a range of departments is a truly enriching experience which can provide you with personal and professional relationships offering everything from ideas-sparring, to proofreading, to relief from the intensity (and sometimes loneliness) of research.

In previous years, Roles has run a series of discussion or presentation based events through the academic year offering researchers the chance to talk about what they’re working on and share ideas. This has included reading articles to get to grips with theorists, such as Butler, or ideas, such as post-colonial feminism, as well as offering a friendly and welcoming platform for first year researchers to begin to present their ideas. This year we aim to continue this trend and invite researchers in Gender and Sexuality to both come and present their research and suggest themes or issues they should like to discuss.

On Thursday October 4th at 5pm we’ll be meeting in the reception area of Muirhead Tower (between the Arts building and the main library) to get together and get talking. So if you want to meet people working in this field, talk to others about your research, have ideas of your own, or wish to be involved, come along. If you can’t make this day, you’re very welcome to join in online by commenting here, on facebook at Roles Gender and Sexuality Forum, on twitter @groles or using #groles, or sending us an email g.roles@hotmail.com. We look forward to meeting you and hearing from you!

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