Upcoming events

Here’s some information about a couple of upcoming events at Birmingham University:

Tuesday 8th November, 5 pm

Sapphists and sexologists 1870-1920

A research seminar by Dr Charlotte Ross (Bham)

Strathcona SR6


Wednesday 9 November, 1-3 pm

‘Roles’ round table discussion: ‘The Trouble with Butler’

In this session, we hope to explore some of the key areas of Butler’s thought and our understandings of it.  It will be an opportunity to discuss any difficulties we have with her work in a relaxed, informal environment.

In preparation, it might be useful to have a look at two chapters in Sara Salih’s 2002 volume Judith Butler: Chapters 2 ‘Gender’ and 3 ‘Sex’.

Muirhead, room 118


Wednesday 9th November, 3-4pm


A panel discussion with Professor Mary Evans (LSE), Dr Shelley Budgeon and Dr Hera Cook (Birmingham).

Ashley Building room 322





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