Interested in becoming the next ‘Roles’ coordinator?


Are you interested it becoming the next ‘Roles’ coordinator? As the final month of the summer term approaches, it’s time to pass on the ‘Roles’ baton. It’s been a good year for Roles, we’ve had a successful re-start but with your help next year’s events could be even bigger and better!

There is scope for much more, but this year the coordinator(s)’s role has chiefly been:
– to discuss and arrange events with other network members including room bookings and advertising
– to send out details of events to the mailing list on the Roles email account
– to forward notices and calls for papers or information to the network via the mailing list and blog
– to update the blog with interesting gender and sexuality-related news articles or papers  and approve/moderate comments []
– to give suggestions on the blog for discussions and to publish a summary/minutes of events held
– to administer profiles on the blog for those postgraduates that would like one, keeping the information there up-to-date

Another aspect to the role next year could be making contacts beyond the university and helping to organise cross-university events.

If anyone is interested in taking over the reigns of coordinating the group, has any questions about the role or suggestions about where Roles can go from here, do get in touch by replying to or commenting below. Don’t forget that there will be lots of support for anyone who takes up the role from other members of the network.

Thank you to everyone who has come along to the discussion groups or has been following the blog.

‘Roles’ Coordinator


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