Postgrad profiles!

Hi all!

We’ve had the idea that perhaps this blog would be a good platform for our postgraduates to let others know about their research and to share helpful links and information? We hope that this will facilitate communication across our network of postgraduates.

Maritza has created a profile to give an example of what we are looking for – a jargon-free summary of what your research is about.

Your profile could also be a call for advice, collaboration or ideas on issues that you are dealing with in your research. I’ve put one up as well – have a look by clicking on the tab at the top of the page!

Each postgraduate will have their own page on the blog, and can update them by sending new material to the Roles account


One comment

  1. Hi everyone! Just a reminder to send in your profiles if you would like a page on the blog. Hopefully as the network and blog grows this will be a great tool to meet others in your field, build you postgraduate profile and facillitate discussion.

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