*LGBTQA* : International Studies Association Annual Convention (San Diego 1-4 April)

Dear All,

The deadline for panels and papers for next year’s International
Studies Association Annual Convention (San Diego 1-4 April) is fast
approaching (Wednesday 1 June) and the board of the LGBTQA Caucasus
(http://www.isanet.org/lgbtqa_caucus/) is looking to make sure that we
are fully represented in the program in terms of our panel allocation.

There’s been a couple of suggestions for topics and we are looking for
people to participate in panels on either:

1) Teaching LGBT issues in IR
2) “Researching Sexuality in Difficult Contexts: Theoretical and
Practical Implications.”

If you are interested in either panel – or know someone who is/could
be – please get in touch with Sandra McEvoy (Chair) at
Sandra.McEvoy@umb.edu and/or me (Vice Chair) at c.wilkinson@bham.ac.uk
as soon as possible.

Further details about the 2012 Convention can be found at

Please also feel free to join the LGBTQA Caucus (details at
http://www.isanet.org/lgbtqa_caucus/2010/05/join-lgbtqa.html) or we
are Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/ISA-Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgendered-Queer-and-Allies-Caucus/161028550622449

Best wishes,


Dr Cai Wilkinson
Undergraduate Admissions Tutor (Russian Studies)
School of Government and Society
University of Birmingham


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