Next Discussion! ‘Embodied Identity and Cosmetic Alteration’

Thank you to those who attended our first round table discussion ‘Bringing the body (back) in’! We are pleased to announce our next discussion on 10th May 2011 ‘Embodied Identity and Cosmetic Alteration’ (please see attached flyer). On suggestions from the last meeting, we have included suggestions of texts to read before the discussion as an introduction to the issues – these are both available through the e-library.

‘Embodied Identity and Cosmetic Alteration’

Dolezal, L. (2010). ‘The (in)visible body: feminism, phenomenology, and the case of cosmetic surgery’. Hypatia 25:2, pp.357-75.

Negrin, L. (2002). ‘Cosmetic surgery and the eclipse of identity’. Body and Society 8:4, pp.21-42.

Tuesday 10th May, 5-6pm

G13, Arts Building

All postgraduates and interested final year students are welcome.

‘Roles’ provides a supportive, stimulating environment in which postgraduate researchers from all disciplines can share, discuss and debate how issues of gender and sexuality inform, affect and are bound up in both our academic and our daily lives. 

We would be delighted if you would join us. Although this discussion is primarily aimed at postgraduate researchers, please feel free to forward this invitation to any keen final-year students that might find the meeting productive and direct them to this blog. It will also be a fantastic opportunity to meeting other PGs working in the field; so whether you are working on gender and sexuality or simply have an interest in current research in the area, come along to meet us!
Also – please feel free to comment if you have any helpful hints for extra reading!

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