Next Discussion…ideas wanted!

Looking forward to our next discussion group we are thinking on a topic that will be engaging and productive for our network members.

I made a note of the research interests that were mentioned amongst those at our previous meeting – Bringing the body (back) in – but would also like to give anyone who was unable to attend the opportunity to chip in with subject ideas.

It was suggested last time that it would be useful to disseminate a text for members to read before the session to inform and stimulate discussion and debate so any thoughts on this would also be welcomed.

If you have any suggestions or comments, simply comment on this post (this can be done anonymously or with a name) or email



  1. Following our previous discussion I found a couple of articles about plastic surgery and body modification – would these be of interest to people?

  2. Thanks for the comments – I will check out the link! I think we’ll go ahead with the theme of embodied identities for the next discussion and we can bring in the role of the media too? Will email out the ads to give everyone enough time to read the texts and consider the themes.

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