Bringing the body (back) in – thanks!

Hi all!

Thanks for a great discussion yesterday – I hope that everyone got something productive out of it, that it offered some new angles for your research or was just a bit of fun!

To re-cap, we had some interesting themes emerge:

– Ageing of the body and the trade market, an ageing population

– The history of the ‘body’ debate and its relationship to various feminist movements, ‘prehistoric’ thinking on nature

– Hypermasculinity, femininity and beauty (industry and ideals)

– Writing the body into research work: possibilities and limitations, how might we do this?

– Donna Harraway and the ‘cyber body’, virtual world, potentials and possible dangers, Second life

– Encoding/decoding of identity, being ‘legible’, body as product or projection

– Differences in occupations with the body, meaning of the body, political/religious concerns between cultures

– The effect of class and wealth on the body, meanings, expectations and ideals

Ideas for next time:

– Sexuality

– Intersectionality in identity

– Text-based discussion (to read and prepare)

– Conducting empirical work, feminist research methods

We will think on this, but if you have more ideas, requests or would like to present an aspect of your research for feedback do comment on this post or email in to!


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