Welcome back to Roles!

‘Roles’ forum is a postgraduate gender and sexuality research netowrk hosted by researchers at the University of Birmingham, UK.

This network is takes the form of an open or round-table discussion in order to share ideas, get to know each other and begin to foster an environment in which we can grow confident and comfortable in talking about how gender and sexuality issues are bound up in our research and everyday experience. Even if your interest in gender and sexuality issues is nascent and not yet incorporated into your research, you are more than welcome.

We want to provide a supportive, stimulating environment in which postgraduate researchers from all disciplines can share, discuss and debate how issues of gender and sexuality inform, affect and are bound up in both our academic and our daily lives. We aim to facilitate dialogue, sharing of ideas and to ultimately produce tangible results such as panel sessions and a possible postgraduate colloquium.

The group seeks to combine theoretical and practical issues and applications, to discuss issues salient to life after postgraduate study and on into the workplace. It is our endeavour to provide a supportive and challenging forum in which researchers can share and present their work, creating a dialogue amongst researchers with similar interests, thus giving the opportunity to gain valuable feedback and to ‘try out’ new work and original ideas in an open-minded and supportive setting. So, whatever department you belong to, and whatever your experience, please do join in our discussions and come along to our events!


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